Basic Guidelines and Tips on Earning a Fortune From Facebook

Ever since its inception in 2004, Facebook has grown in bits and bounds to become the most used social media platforms in the world today.  It has changed the landscape of the online space and has grown significantly from a simple online hub to a marketplace with huge potential.   Facebook has an active membership of 2.2. Billion users.   Be assured that the active users on FB are an endless opportunity for you to make money online.  All you need is your ingenuity, willingness to learn more about Fb marketing and of course some bit of time with you.

 You can do a lot more than simply updating your Facebook status update.   Here are some lucrative opportunities to make money online on Facebook. One of the tried and tested ways to make money is by selling your old goods on the FB marketplace.    Alas, Craiglist has gotten in the wrong books of many people in the last decade or so.  The good thing with the marketplace is you get to determine the price for these products or old items that you are traveling.   Thanks to geolocating capabilities, rest assured you will have people truly interested in your product showing interest. Start now !

 Did you know you can become a social media manager and earn some quick bucks by simply sharpening your skills in social media management?   This is something you can easily teach yourself online and then start to look for contracts from local organizations and companies.  This is a mutually beneficial opportunity because you get to manage the companies' social media pages and profiles and in exchange you get to sharpen your skills some more while making some quick bucks in the process.   You can also earn a decent amount online through affiliate marketing.  You have probably seen the phrases affiliate marketing or influencer marketing, right? It's a fairly new phenomenon but by the look of things, it's one of those effective methods one can make money on Facebook.   Vloggers and bloggers are earning a lot of money online by simply uploading content on products they like.  To get started in affiliate marketing, all you need is a big following. Businesses and manufacturers of these products will then reach out to you and a partnership will be formed.   If you are of the opinion that it's a total waste of time to be on Facebook, then you might want to think again, click here !